For art, our class had to create a photo of us using Photoshop.

To create my image, I choose a photo from google using the reuse filter. I then took the photo of me sitting down. I then cropped and inserted the image onto the aero plane image. I then placed me onto the wing of the aero plane and then I was finished.

I choose to do me sitting on an aero plane wing because it represents my love of traveling. Even though I haven’t been to a lot of places where I have been were amazing! When I grow up I want to travel the world!


4 thoughts on “Photoshop

  1. Hi Mia that looks really fun. I loved how creative it sounded.

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  2. Hi Mia,

    I love your artwork!
    I also have the dream of traveling the world when I am older. I would love to go around the world and see and experience so many amazing things (and of course take loads of photos). I too haven’t been to many places in my life but I guess you have to start somewhere!
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    1. Hey sienna,
      Thanks for commenting, I think it is really cool how we both want to travel the world one day. I visited your blog and left a comment.

      Mia M

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