Passion Project Week 7 (The Last Week!)

Hi everyone we have finally came to an end of our passion projects. We have had our display and I now am going to reflect on what I learn’t.


  • Getting to learn new skills
  • Getting to show our new skills in a different way
  • Getting to look at everyones skills that they have learn’t and their passions


  • Not having enough time to get everyone done
  • the struggles of getting my video to school without it being blurry

These are the positives and negatives of the passion project.If I had the chance to do it again I would probably try a different passion that can make a impact on over people and not just myself. I found Abby’s passion project very inspirational because she is doing something for other people and not just focusing on herself. If you want to see what she has done check out her blog at:

I have very much enjoyed doing a long time assignment. I can’t wait to do something like it again. Here is  a photo of me showing what I have done and my finished product:


One thought on “Passion Project Week 7 (The Last Week!)

  1. Hi Mia,
    Your passion project display was realy good. I liked how you Incorperated your negatives and postitives into this post aswell.

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