About Me!

Hi I am Mia aged 11. I am in year 6 and live in Sydney, Australia. My favourite subject is art. I like art because you get to be expressive. My favourite sport is netball. My positions are C, WA and occasionally WD. I train/play netball 3-6 times a week( depending on the time of the year). I am in a family of 7 and sometimes it can get a bit hectic. I have 1 brother, 3 sisters, 1 dog(called Beau) and 2 mice (called Cheeseball and Moo). My family and I both go to church every Sunday and for school I go to cru every week. For school I try to play as much sports as possible and some are: Athletics, cross-country, netball, basketball, soccer and gymnastics. I mainly enjoy the netball, Athletics and gymnastics. For gymnastics I do Artistic and rhythmic. For gymnastics I go to competitions (for rhythmics) including IPSHA.